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#wejourney Weekly Wrap #17

July 9, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Hi everyone and welcome to another Weekly Wrap from Wejo.

Somehow we’re already halfway through the year, so the last week has been a blur of quarter-end results and kickstarting the next six months. Our latest figures are in for the amount of data we have processed and the number of miles accumulated, and they’re really impressive.

In fact, we shared these figures internally this week, and a colleague of ours who studied astrophysics decided to try and make these tangible. He referenced Voyager 1, the space probe launched in 1977 and the furthest man-made object from earth. Traveling at 38,000 miles per hour for almost 44 years, Voyager 1 has covered 14.18 billion miles. Wejo, recording vehicle data for around three years, has accumulated 391 billion miles of journey data, 27.5 times the distance of Voyager 1.  

So, what are we doing with all this data? We’re using it to make roads safer, journeys faster, and life more convenient for everyone. This is part of our commitment to use #DataForGood, and this week our team is working on the next series of lightbox videos that will bring to life our mission and make it simple for everyone to understand.

Our team did a great job this week making sense of connected vehicle data collected during the pandemic to inform a USA Today article about changing driving habits during rush hour. Our colleagues will be presenting Wejo at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as well as in two online events around connected data and EU business, to help everyone understand how our data can be used.

Life is never boring at Wejo; our amazing team is always striving to do more, achieve more, and provide more value for existing and potential customers. If you want to be part of an energized and successful team, please look at our job openings to find something that works for you and check out our new blog from existing employees talking about their experience of being at Wejo.

Read more about everything discussed below, and until next time, have a great week. Thanks for reading.


wejo stats

Wejo’s Latest Data Counts

Wejo’s accumulated data figures are in and we’ve taken even greater strides in the last quarter than ever before. With an extra 600,000 live vehicles in our pool, we now have 11.3 million live vehicles supplying data every day from a supply base of over 50 million.  

In total, we have ingested 5 petabytes of data, which equates to 10.1 trillion data points, one trillion more than at the end of March, with daily peaks of 16.1 billion data points ingested, or around 414,000 per second.

As mentioned above, we have curated 391 billion miles of data from 48.8 billion journeys, with up to 73.3 million journeys per day.  

More data means more insights, more accuracy, and greater benefits to the end consumer. To see what we do with this data, check out our full range of videos on the official Wejo YouTube Channel.

rush hour insights

USA Today Article

This week USA Today produced an article looking at the changing habits of rush hour commuters throughout the pandemic to assess what impact it has had and ask whether the rush hour will ever be the same again.

The article was produced based on Wejo data collected throughout the past 18 months showing how rush hour traffic has become far more spread out with less travel compressed into specific time periods. In addition, roads have become more dangerous with people taking advantage of extra space to drive faster and resulting in increased incidences of hard braking.

Read the full article on the USA Today site.

Wejo at ESRI UC

Wejo Events Coming Up

Another packed month of events lies ahead for Wejo with representation at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the ESRI User Conference, and the EU Webinar.  

Goodwood is the leading annual motoring event in the UK and is held at the famous Goodwood hillclimb circuit in West Sussex. Featuring both road and race cars, the event is a celebration of all things motoring and Wejo will be there creating content with @supercar in conjunction with @wejoconnected.

ESRI is a huge name in the Geographic Information System and location space and this year’s User Conference, held between July 12th and 15th, is expected to attract over 80,000 attendees. Wejo will be exhibiting in a virtual booth and speaking on ‘What Can Connected Vehicles Tell Us About Our Roads?’ led by Chris Rose and Jim Eaton.

The EU Webinar will be held on July 13th and Wejo will be running a webinar called ‘Smarter Traffic & Transportation Planning: How to Boost Operational Control with Connected Vehicle Data’, focused on transportation and traffic in the EU, to introduce connected vehicle data (CVD), why CVD matters, and how to leverage it. Our speakers there will be Steph Ayres, Phrances Perez and Matt Blackwell. We’d love to see you there.

Wejo People Blogs

We believe that great people produce great results, and an energizing atmosphere produces motivated employees. We strive to provide a great employee experience, from our two-day induction process to a strong benefits package and a culture of positive employee recognition.

This week we launched our employee blogs to help share the experience of working at Wejo with potential employees. What they reveal is a culture of hard but rewarding work, helpful teams who collaborate to produce better results, and a diverse space where colleagues from all backgrounds can come together to make a difference.

Check out the blogs at the link below and keep your eye out for more employee blogs coming soon.

People Blogs

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#wejourney Weekly Wrap #17
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