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Wejo’s approach to data management

November 6, 2020
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Wejo understands the recent legislation with the Right to Repair bill and has always been a leader in driver privacy and data security. We truly use data for good and are a leader when it comes to opportunities like this for cross industry collaboration. Wejo is a trusted guardian of connected car data, championing the benefits of safe and secure access to connected vehicle data for OEMs, commercial partners and importantly drivers so they are accurately reflected in the development of new regulations and laws around the world.

Overview of Wejo’s approach to data management and using Data For Good™

Wejo’s leading role in the mobility revolution is dependent on maintaining the trust of drivers, OEMs, and public and private sector licensees. Allowing each of these stakeholders to understand the value they get from sharing their data. Wejo makes it simple to unlock that value from connected vehicle data while ensuring that privacy and security are built into our processes and technology from the outset.

We ensure what is private, remains private. Drivers are most likely to embrace data sharing where the benefits they receive as individuals, communities and society as a whole are made clear to them as part of this value exchange. With our unrelenting focus on using data for good, Wejo is already helping our partners to make journeys safer, smarter, greener and more convenient.

Wejo’s data management technologies

Wejo has a sophisticated approach for ensuring that the data it receives is only used in ways that have been correctly consented by the driver, that align with use-cases that have been permitted by the OEM and which fit within the legal framework of the jurisdictions where the data is collected and used. Each of the 12bn data points Wejo receives each day flows through a Geo-Static Data Privacy Model that applies the appropriate rules to each datapoint in near real time as the data flows from OEM through our platform to the end-user.

Wejo is able to respond rapidly to regulatory requirements arising from the Massachusetts Right to Repair, EU’s General Data Protection Regulations, California’s Consumer Protection Act or other regulatory requirements. Wejo can support OEMs in responding to vehicle owners’ requests to report any PII that might be held on them or comply with a demand to delete a user’s data from the Wejo ecosystem.

Data for Good™

The driver and society as a whole are able to benefit from the use of connected car data. There are compelling ways data can be used to highlight the value to the driver of sharing their data. Wejo data and insights are not only able to simplify daily commutes by redirecting drivers around traffic and reducing congestion, but also help Departments of Transport identify and reduce incident blackspots and understand the driving behaviours that lead to incidents. Similarly, Wejo can help to derive insights around the optimization of evacuation routes when hurricanes hit the Eastern seaboard or wildfires arise on the West Coast. These insights can be driven by observing live data and trends from previous year’s data and applying them to road management, maintenance and upgrade its strategies going forward.

Finding effective ways to communicate the immediate and medium-term benefits of data sharing and analysis we believe will encourage drivers to engage with OEM data sharing initiatives and making their data available.

Security and Privacy are at the heart of our culture

Wejo was built from the outset with security and privacy front of mind. The reputational and financial risks to the business and to our partners provide the opportunity to place the responsible and secure use of data at the heart of our culture. Wejo embraces new regulations and have a number of security standards and certifications in place. Wejo is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deemed leading global data privacy standard and we have designed GDPR requirements into all of our products from the start. Our GDPR baseline provides a reference point against which we measure new legislative regimes as we enter new markets. We are also working closely with new OEM partners to ensure they understand how their driver consenting processes fit with existing and future standards and interact with Wejo’s operating model. Wejo’s expertise in securely handling huge volumes of connected car data is proving to be a fundamental part of Wejo’s appeal to new partners.

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Wejo’s approach to data management
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