Wejo Data Labs: Connected vehicle data

September 16, 2020

Register to join our webinar: Wejo Data Labs: Connected vehicle data. In this webinar we will show you how through Wejo Data Labs you can:

  • Gain access to 1 week of real connected vehicle movement and event data, with US-wide coverage (1st – 7th March 2020)
  • Analyse up to 301m journeys from 8.8m vehicles
  • Use built-in Jupyter data science notebooks for custom querying, modelling and visualising data
  • Get started quickly with sample code for profiling and querying data, and benefit from Wejo libraries for geographic filters
  • Apply your own queries off the sample code and discover the richness of the data for your data intelligence
  • Receive support from Wejo’s in-house data science and analytics teams to answer any of your questions

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