wejo announces launch of Neutral Server Plus and partnership with Daimler AG

December 17, 2019

wejo supercharged its data offering today, announcing the launch of Neutral Server Plus and its partnership with Daimler AG, the first automotive manufacturer to benefit from this service. wejo is the market leader in connected vehicle data with more than 10 million vehicles on its platform from the US alone. Its partnership with Daimler expands the company's data capture capabilities across Europe.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Daimler AG and unlock a wealth of European vehicle data to more than 230 contracted data licensees," said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of wejo. "We are proud to support Daimler AG in their continued success by leveraging our industry-leading data products and services. We look forward to helping a growing number of automotive manufacturers succeed in this space."

Neutral Server Plus is powered by ADEPT, the company's cloud-based data exchange platform. ADEPT simplifies sharing and accessing vast volumes of connected vehicle data and currently supports more than ten marketplaces, each with hundreds of use cases. ADEPT processes near real-time and historical data, averaging 15 billion data points per day, or 1 billion miles of data every three days.

With ADEPT's Neutral Server Plus capability, licensees can now choose to receive both on-demand and streamed data services.

"wejo's partnership with Daimler AG and the launch of Neutral Server Plus are two critical milestones as we create the global mobility data ecosystem," Barlow continued. "Having millions of vehicles across Europe on our platform adds another vital dimension to our market-leading data insights, which will be transformative for partners and drivers."

wejo will access five categories of vehicle-generated data through Daimler AG, including pay-as-you-drive insurance, fuel status, vehicle status, vehicle lock status, and data specific to electric vehicles. wejo's Neutral Server Plus acts as a conduit. It enables third parties (i.e. insurers, EV charging providers, fuel providers, smart mobility services) to access connected vehicle data without having a unique agreement with Daimler.

wejo's new product line will allow businesses to use "on-demand" data for specific vehicles with one-to-one consent to show the consumer information about the car in an app, trigger alerts based on the changing status of the car (e.g. damage or unauthorised use), and provide accurate vehicle data for consumer-oriented products (e.g. precise mileage for use in insurance policies).

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