wejo and Bliq announce partnership to provide US drivers with accurate and real-time parking information

January 31, 2020

wejo's data will make finding a parking spot easy on Bliq's platform

American drivers will soon have an easier time finding parking thanks to a new partnership between wejo and Bliq, the German street-level intelligence firm and parking services provider.

Powered by vehicle telematics and mobile app data, Bliq uses a simple colour code to indicate likely availability of parking on any given street or parking facility. Bliq's "Park" service is currently available in multiple European countries, and now Bliq is looking to launch an enhanced version in the US using wejo's connected vehicle data.

The new US service promises to save drivers time and money as well as reduce congestion. wejo's data is real-time and accurate down to lane-level, meaning that Bliq will be able to provide precise parking information and real-time open parking spot data to its business clients in the mobility industry. Bliq’s services are trusted by automotive manufacturers like Volkswagen, transit providers like Deutsche Bahn and mobility app operators like ADAC which serves more than half of Germany’s 40 million drivers.

"Our partnership with Bliq underscores wejo's commitment to using data for good” Richard Barlow, CEO and founder of wejo said. "Parking difficulties cause unnecessary congestion and frustration for drivers; our data combined with Bliq’s product will help to massively reduce this problem.”

Bliq's services are used by a broad range of stakeholders in the mobility industry to help drivers navigate to a parking spot near to their destination.

"Bliq's parking assistance services are regularly used by more than 1 million drivers in Europe already," said Julian Glaab, CEO, Bliq. "We are confident that working with wejo will help us to expand our reach with AI-powered parking assistance services and power the development of smart cities."

This collaboration is a testament to the value embedded in wejo's connected vehicle insights and aligns with Bliq’s international expansion plans.

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