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Weekly Wrap #29

October 1, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Welcome to another Weekly Wrap from Wejo.

This week there is no better place to start than with the announcement of our brand-new product, Wejo Studio. With our team live at MOVE AMERICA in Austin, Texas this week, complete with our first event booth in over 12 months, we were presented with the perfect opportunity to bring this cutting-edge product into the market and demonstrate it to real potential customers on the ground and I’m delighted to say that went very well. Within the first few hours we already had our first sale and needless to say, we’ve generated plenty of leads.

Wejo Studio is the result of a complete focus on the needs of our existing and potential customers. Everyone is aware that connected vehicles produce huge amounts of data and not every organisation is set up to handle or process this data, let alone understand what it means to them. With Wejo Studio, we have democratized connected vehicle data for everyone, essentially bringing accurate data insights from millions of connected vehicles and making them accessible to organisations of all sizes and skillsets, through a web interface, on demand. No vast data storage requirements, no need to recruit specialist data scientists.

Customers will benefit from complete data accuracy and integrity, improved visibility, boosted operational efficiency, and all of this enables to them accelerate innovation in their field. But don’t just take it from me. Frank Perry, Senior Traffic Project Manager at GHD said: “With Wejo Studio, we can directly tap into the tremendous data insights it provides and understand first-hand the big picture of what’s happening within the areas we serve.” If you would like to see what Wejo Studio can do for you, check out the link in the section below, watch the video, and register on the platform. There’s no other product like it.

The event of MOVE AMERICA itself was always going to be exciting with the launch of Wejo Studio but it was really just a pleasure for our team to be able to meet people in person again on a stand bearing our colours. Bret Scott, our VP of Customer Solutions, spoke on a panel about how connected vehicle data can be used to make roads safer, and the team were able to make immediate tangible impacts in the many discussions with show attendees about how connected vehicle data can be valuable for them. A great show, and we’re already looking forward to ITS Hamburg in a few weeks’ time.

Finally, this week we continued our DataForGood™ series with a video focusing on how connected vehicle data will empower the autonomous vehicles of the future. Understanding how autonomous and manually driven cars are used guides car manufacturers in the design of the next generation of vehicles, making them better equipped to suit changing trends, and to deliver safety, security, and predictability at places where roads meet and, in the medium term at least, manually operated and autonomous vehicles intersect.  

That’s all for this week, but before I go, make sure to check out the latest article covering Wejo and connected vehicle data which was featured in Forbes this week. It’s a great piece detailing the vast untapped market of CVD, charting the rise of Wejo, and detailing how the Wejo ADEPT platform is igniting the mobility revolution and changing the automotive landscape forever.

Have a great weekend, and see you next time.


Wejo Studio Launched At MOVE AMERICA

With the launch of Wejo Studio at MOVE AMERICA, Wejo has taken the first step in enabling businesses and governmental departments of all sizes to tap into the amazing insights produced by billions of connected vehicle data points. This new product makes understanding and processing the data easier than ever and removes the burden of data storage and specialist recruitment in order to handle the data. Find out more and watch the video on our dedicated webpage.

DataForGood™ - Enabling Autonomous Vehicles

With the development of autonomous vehicles starting to gather speed and more and more local governments opening up their road spaces for the testing and use of such vehicles, the need to use connected vehicle data to ensure they understand roads and intersections and can use them safely is increasing. That’s the power of DataForGood™ and is one of many ways Wejo is supporting manufacturers and departments of transport to produce cars suitable for use alongside manually driven cars.

Wejo in Forbes

Wejo has come a long way in the seven years since inception and is already working alongside departments of transport and a myriad of automakers to help change the way we move forever. In this article in Forbes, Alexandra Sharova charts Wejo’s rapid growth, the massive, currently untapped potential of connected vehicle data, and the power of the Wejo ADEPT platform. She even looks to the future, where your car can pay for your tolls, drive-thrus, and parking. Read the article for yourself here.

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Weekly Wrap #29
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