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Weekly Wrap #27

September 17, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Welcome to another Weekly Wrap from Wejo.

This week has been a big week for Wejo with a lot of exciting content around our brand, which showcases the best of what we have to offer and demonstrates some of the significant achievements we have already made and are working on for the future.

The first of these is the latest in our DataForGood™ series which focuses on creating better driver experiences through in-car payments. Whether it’s pausing at the window to pay for your food at a drive-thru restaurant, stopping at a toll on the highway to pay for your road fare, or even driving into a car park and then paying at a terminal on the way out, there are a number of ‘hurdles’ and ‘pauses’ we have to take on our daily driving journeys.

With your car operating as a payment device, all of these hurdles can be removed as you no longer have to pause and remove a card from your pocket, store a ticket, or have a device installed in your car. Our goal is to enable seamless ordering and payment on the move, which will allow you to collect food faster, continue moving on the highway, and never use a ticket again when parking. That’s what’s possible with connected vehicle data, and you can find out more about it in our video.

Those who follow Wejo or Palantir closely will know that we are already partners, but what you may not know is just how closely we are working together and what we’ve achieved so far. This week we released a video in collaboration with Palantir that goes into more detail about the shared ambitions we have to make the best possible use of the vast amounts of underutilised connected vehicle data. In just a few weeks we created our first platform together, and it’s only the start of our relationship, using our respective expertise to ignite the mobility revolution.

Finally, I was delighted to join COO of Palantir, Shyam Sankar, on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Thursday. Talking to Wilfred Frost and Courtney Reagan, we discussed why we have partnered together and how we’re working together to solve the hardest problems in this industry. Combining the depth of Wejo’s connected vehicle data with the ability of Palantir’s Foundry platform, we are aiming to build a complete data ecosystem. It’s the strength of partnerships like this that have seen us attract investment from Microsoft, Sompo, and General Motors, as well as Palantir, as well as the ambitions we share to change the world for the better.

You’ll find links to all these pieces in the section below so do check them out. There’s some great content there and we’re very proud of it. See you next time.


DataForGood™: Creating Better Driver Experiences Through In-car Payments

This week we launched our DataForGood™ video on the subject of paying for goods and services using your car like a card. The goal of Wejo is to use data to make roads safer, cleaner, and more efficient, and to create a seamless driving experience. Using your car as a payment method can remove the hurdles of paying for food, tolls, and car parks just for starters, and you can find out exactly how in the video here.

Wejo and Palantir Video

With Palantir, Wejo has a partner that shares our ambitions to use data for good and solve the many difficult challenges that face the mobility industry. Reducing emissions, making roads safer, and enabling both autonomous and electric vehicles, are just some of the topics we are working on, but this video shows how we are also enabling each other to make the best use of our resources and ignite a mobility revolution.

Palantir and Wejo on CNBC’s Closing Bell

This week Richard joined Shyam Sankar, COO of Palantir, in an appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell. During the discussion, they were asked about why the two companies are working together, what they believe the potential is for connected vehicle data, and how they are supporting their shared ambitions. To find out what Richard and Shyam had to say, check out the video on CNBC’s site here.

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Weekly Wrap #27
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