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Enabling the visions of mobility makers by giving them access to the largest stream of autonomous, electric, and connected vehicle data.
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Wejo’s extensive data helps power a wide range of innovative solutions  that aims to improve the lives of millions of drivers, reduce congestion, save  lives, help the environment, and make smart cities smarter.​ Accessing insights unique to  Wejo  will allow you to develop world-leading solutions and be first to market with no gaps in your data. Wejo is announcing two new products at Move London 2022.
New Product
Empowering innovation with connected vehicle data
Wejo Labs is a digital platform that makes it easy for data scientists and engineers to run transportation studies, with access to highly accurate data collected from millions of connected vehicles across the US and EU. ​Wejo Labs empowers accurate and swift decision making through traffic and congestion monitoring, driver journey trend analysis and traffic signal optimisation. It also enables best location identification for micro-mobility, multi-mobility, retail stores, fuel sites and EV charging points.
Notebook technology

Use one of Wejo’s notebook technologies, or design and run your own queries, to query reliable and accurate mobility data from millions of vehicles

Attractive pricing

Benefit from attractive pricing plans that are designed to get you up and running quickly

Efficient data analysis

Reduce time, money, and effort in collecting data to understand pre/post development analysis.

Experiment with ease

Experiment with one of the most innovative data sources in the world and create PoCs with ease

New Product
Address today’s urban mobility challenges
Understand your current road network challenges and address future smart mobility goals by analysing real-road conditions using historic traffic patterns and trends so you can make your communities more livable.
Ensure Data Accuracy and Integrity
Provide speed of visibility
Boost operational efficiency
Drive innovation
Where to find us at MOVE London
Stop by Booth 105 to speak with our experts about our latest products. Wejo’s CEO and data experts will also take part in various speaking sessions focused on the future of technology and urban sustainability.
MOVE London Keynote
15 June, 10:10-10:30 AM
Innovating on the Edge: The Journey to Autonomy

Richard Barlow, Wejo CEO
Electric Vehicle Stream Roundtable
15 June, 1:00-1:40 PM
EV: Speeding Up Infrastructure

Daniel Tibble, Director of Data & Engineering (Wejo)
Feda Abidrabbu, Director of Strategic Partnerships (Wejo)
Jan Philip Haas,  Automotive & Mobility Lead (Palantir)
Jonathan Carrier, Co-Founder of ZipCharge (ZipCharge)
James Towle, Director of New Business Models (Jaguar Land Rover)
Andrew Brook-Holmes, UK Automotive Business Manager (Microsoft)

Kaitlyn Chiu, Marketing Manager (Wejo)
Smart Traffic I Stream Track: Wejo x NIRA Dynamics
15 June, 1:50-2:00 PM
The Road to Safety: Paved with Data

Feda Abidrabbu, Director of Strategic Partnerships (Wejo)
Johan Hägg, Marketing Director (NIRA Dynamics)
Electric Vehicle Stream Panel
15 June, 2:30 – 3:00 PM ​
All these EV targets, where’s the charging infrastructure? ​

Daniel Tibble, Director of Data & Engineering (Wejo)
Katie Black, Head of Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (UK Department for Transport)
Hui Zhang, Group Vice President (NIO)

Aleksandra O'Donovan, Head of Electric Transport (Bloomberg NEF)
Connectivity and 5G Stream Panel
16 June, 2:30-3:00 PM
Connected Infrastructure & V2X Tech: realizing potential and increasing safety

Mark Timms, Principal Product Manager (Wejo)
Christophe Nicodeme, Director-General (European Union Road Federation)
Mark Cracknell, Head of Connected and Automated Mobility (Zenzic)
Tomas Levin, Senior Principal Engineer (Norwegian Public Roads Administration​)

Maxime Flament, Chief Technical Officer​ (5GAA)
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