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Discover how wejo’s innovative products and solutions help global businesses gain strategic advantage in the age of connectivity.



Connectivity data will revolutionise the way that OEMs operate. It will define the future of mobility. Improving vehicle eco efficiency or identifying future EV/Hybrid consumers, connectivity data holds the key.

The potential value of connected car data is endless. From enhancing safety features through to deeper insights for improved OEM-driver relationships.


Our award-winning propositions deliver end-to-end telematics solutions. From enhancing your existing consumer propositions to a complete telematics service, we can build a solution that’s tailored to your business.

We understand the needs of your consumers and the challenges of this complex, dynamic marketplace. Our solutions can help to advance your business objectives, whilst delivering an unparalleled consumer experience.

Whether it’s understanding your drivers’ risk factors or improving the incident-to-reporting response rate, wejo can support you in achieving your objectives. From risk profiling through to journey scoring, benefit from wejo’s extensive experience of collaborating with some of the largest insurers in the world.



wejo has the ability to understand the movements of millions of your potential consumers globally. We can provide you with valuable insight, ranging from the optimal places to locate your stores, through to the best opening hours to drive up your visits.

Government & smart cities

Governments all over the world are now considering how they can leverage IoT and movement data to support their smart city objectives. By providing you with access to the daily patterns and journeys of millions of drivers globally, wejo can assist with challenges ranging from traffic flow management through to the availability of parking spaces and beyond. The ability to truly know how consumers are completing their daily commute can assist with urban planning and infrastructure design. wejo ADEPT has a wealth of insight that can help you to unlock these opportunities.

government & smart cities

Fleet Management

Reduce your operational costs with wejo by being empowered with the information you need to maintain the health of your vehicles. Monitor and track repairs, as well as predict future servicing and maintenance to provide a significant cost saving. Protect your vehicles from theft and fraud with our asset tracking proposition.

Our driver friendly solution incentivises drivers for maintaining the health of the vehicles they use. Crash notifications and emergency assistance, alongside manual vehicle health checks, such as tyre pressure, help to keep your drivers safe.

Key features and benefits of the wejo fleet proposition:

  • Health and predictive maintenance reports for both the driver and the fleet manager

  • Driver behaviour and scoring

  • Vehicle location and journey tracking

  • Predictive maintenance reporting

  • Emergency assistance

  • Breakdown assistance

  • Crash notifications and assistance

  • Claims reporting and management

  • Journey classification and expense reporting

smart mobility

Smart mobility

Mobility services mean different things to different people in different cities. Providing car sharing services to reduce congestion, supporting rural drivers with safer city transport or offering alternative modes of transport in heavily congested areas. Whatever your smart mobility goals, wejo ADEPT can support you.