Unlocking the value in connected vehicles for the public sector

Wejo helps public sector agencies and Departments of Transport use connected car data to improve the lives of their citizens and communities

Who we work with

Connected car data opens up world of opportunity for Departments of Transport, Government agencies and other public sector institutions such as Smart Cities and Universities to solve mobility challenges.

We understand the unique needs of the public sector, and whether you work with us directly or collaborate with one of our approved Data Insight Partners, we minimise the hurdles to make connected car data and journey intelligence accessible and usable.

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Why connected car data?

With roads and cities becoming ever more crowded, against a backdrop of changing consumer demand and behaviour, the public sector is under pressure like never before. From transportation agencies implementing smarter traffic management to reduce congestion, to smart cities revolutionising how we live and work through new mobility offerings, optimising parking and reducing emissions, it is clear there is a lot already being done.

Yet to maximise these opportunities, and drive maximum benefit for individuals and communities alike, public sector organisations must embrace connected car data to get a granular view of traffic in real-time and a deep understanding of historic journey trends.

our products

Movement data

High frequency movements & journey data

  • Real-time information on journeys, traffic and locations

  • High frequency, high velocity streamed data

  • Powerful location filtering

  • Deliver enhanced mobility experiences or make near real-time decisions

Driving events

Identify common driving events & trends

  • Current and historical information about driving behaviours

  • Typically batch and deferred data

  • Identify patterns and trends and use these insights to predict and develop data driven strategies

Insight products

Traffic, road and journey intelligence

  • Easily benefit from Wejo’s data science and analytics capability

  • Custom products to solve difficult challenges

  • Flexible delivery and integration methods

Key Features

Lane-level precision

Location data 95% accurate to within a 3-metre radius, the size of a typical car

Premium quality

Verified for quality prior to delivery to ensure consistently trustworthy, complete and high-grade data

Flexible transfer methods

Data streamed directly to your cloud or API

High definition

Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail

Your data, your way

Define the volume and regularity of data you receive with flexible filtering options

Use cases

The use cases for connected car data in the public sector are many and varied. These are just some of the examples we work with partners on:

Prioritising road network improvements & investments

Use connected car data to understand how vehicles travel on the road network without the need for roadside hardware, enabling better and more accurate planning of road improvements and investments.

Reducing congestion

Easily identify congestion hotspots, and reduce traffic build up by providing smarter and more timely information to drivers and improving road network design.

Lane usage, intersection and work zone modelling

Get detailed insight on how people use specific lanes and intersections, and understand the impact of work zones on traffic flow.

Identifying areas of risky driving and real-time incidents

Use movement and event data to learn about hotspots of riskier driving, including wrong way driving, and even identifying incidents in real-time.

Understanding journeys

Use Wejo journey intelligence to understand all about the journeys people make, the reasons they make them and the routes they take.

Urban planning

Support your urban and city planning activities, optimise transport links by understanding traffic movements and journeys and identify the best locations for new construction.

Curbside co-ordination

Get a granular view of journeys that stop and start from the curbside, including on-street parking, to ensure optimal use throughout a city area.

Parking optimisation

Understand where and when parking demand increases and determine the best locations for new parking facilities.

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