Unlock the value in connected vehicles for automotive

wejo enables automotive manufacturers to take full advantage of connectivity and vehicle generated data.

The smart mobility revolution

The automotive industry is undergoing a radical change unlike anything seen before. Disruption is happening across the whole of the mobility ecosystem and traditional business models are evolving fast.

The result is cars that are more automated, connected, electrified and shared. This is giving rise to an explosion of car generated data. Today, this rich new data asset remains largely untapped.

One thing is clear. To prosper, businesses must embrace the increasing connectivity of cars and leverage car data to drive future success and growth. That’s where ADEPT, our data exchange platform, comes in.

Flexible solutions

wejo helps automotive manufacturers accelerate value creation alongside connected vehicle strategies. Whatever the goal, from creating new revenue streams, reducing costs or enhancing safety and convenience for drivers, wejo is the perfect fit.


Data Supply Chain

Establish an end-to-end supply chain for connected vehicle data. A fully managed wejo service that removes barriers and simplifies the sharing of and access to car generated data of any kind. Offers a range of hosting and implementation options, whilst providing full transparency and control for automotive manufacturers with optimal value creation.

Data Marketplace Platform

All of the tools, services and capabilities you need to launch and grow own-brand data marketplaces. Benefit from wejo’s technology and expertise to create, market, sell and manage data products in-house, whilst integrating with existing systems to ensure a rapid and successful rollout.


Neutral Server

Enable the exchange of vehicle data to a growing ecosystem of third parties and developers through a Neutral Server. Enhance driver propositions through safe and secure sharing of personalised vehicle data.

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Unique data insights

Intelligent insights provide a better understanding of how vehicles and components are used in the real world. From personalised infotainment and in-car interactions, to ever more sophisticated ADAS and AV capabilities, wejo provides the insights needed to innovate and reduce costs.

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Rewarding driving

Create a tangible value exchange with drivers via in-vehicle or companion mobile apps. Provide greater convenience, increase safety and security, save drivers money and offer access to new services to drive customer loyalty.

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Connected voice

Deliver the ultimate in customer care with wejo’s first-class voice service. Proactive First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Accident Assistance solutions enhance driver experiences whilst providing the most-timely data and analytics.

Our platform

All of our solutions are underpinned by wejo ADEPT, our high-performance automotive data exchange platform.  Secure, compliant and flexible, the wejo ADEPT platform makes sharing and accessing huge volumes of connected car data simple and safe. It removes all of the barriers associated with sharing car data and maximises the intrinsic value for all parties.

The perfect fit for all

wejo has extensive experience of partnering with leading global automotive manufacturers and establishing successful data programmes. Our adaptable, collaborative approach ensures that we support the you through every stage.

As a trusted partner, privacy and security is fundamental to our strategy and approach. We comply with all relevant regulations including GDPR and are independently audited for security.

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