Car ownership, made simple

Stay connected with your consumers throughout their car ownership lifecycle by helping them to stay on top of their driving admin.

Helping drivers be safer

Dangerous habits and risky manoeuvres can become part of any driver’s repertoire. Whether newly qualified or a seasoned driver, wejo transforms your customer’s movement and connectivity data into easy-to-understand driver scoring. Our insights help your drivers to discover just how safe a driver they really are.

Supported by helpful tips and advice, we can guide your drivers towards becoming safety aware and risk adverse.

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Document storage

From MOT reminders through to insurance documents, make car ownership effortless with wejo's document storage solution. Drivers are able to easily locate important information without having to rummage through files. Staying on top of tax, servicing and MOT is made simple with reminders all in one place.

Lifetime engagement

Connect your users with other like-minded drivers. Forums, groups and events help to unite a community and drive both engagement and product value up.

lifetime engagement