Seamless journey planning

Smart mobility starts with the individual but impacts the wider community and environment.

Helping drivers be safer

Dangerous habits and risky manoeuvres can become part of any driver’s repertoire. Whether newly qualified or a seasoned driver, wejo transforms your customer’s movement and connectivity data into easy-to-understand driver scoring. Our insights help your drivers to discover just how safe a driver they really are.

Supported by helpful tips and advice, we can guide your drivers towards becoming safety aware and risk adverse.

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Journey capture & classification

Journey capture, made effortless for drivers. wejo’s journey capture technology automatically detects a journey’s start point, tracks the route taken and detects when a journey has reached its end-point. Traffic or a stop off at the shops on the way home, for example, are intelligently accounted for, ensuring an accurate trip overview.

Our journey classification technology detects and classifies the mode of transport, from walking to train journeys. Users are also able to mark trips as for business or personal, as well as re-classify those taken as a passenger and stipulate the mode of transport used.

Places / find my nearest

Directions to the nearest coffee shop or help finding the closest cash point, wejo can transform driving into a seamless experience. Link rewards with this feature to activate offers near to the driver’s location.

Find my nearest

Smart mobility

Using geolocation and open data assets, wejo provides the ideal platform to implement and measure smart mobility solutions.

wejo can help drivers to intelligently plan trips, avoiding congestion. Parking is amongst the most contentious of driver issues. By learning about typical driver journeys and the availability of parking, wejo can reduce the stress of finding somewhere to park.

What’s the best method of transport to get from A to B? wejo delivers end-to-end journey planning, helping drivers make the right choice, from public transport through to car-pooling, car-sharing and on-demand ride services.