Green driving

Eco-conscious driving leads to a reduced carbon footprint
and financial savings for the driver, whilst also improving your brands reputation.

wejo’s eco experience covers both driving style and intelligent route mapping. The benefits of both can be substantial for vehicles of any fuel type.

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Green driving

Eco-conscious driving can help us to reduce our carbon footprints whilst also providing consumers with many financial benefits.

Insight & goals

Educate your consumers about how to become a greener driver or better understand which of your consumers is likely to transition into a hybrid or electric vehicle. Whatever your goal, wejo can support you.

By analysing each journey, wejo can offer timely and relevant feedback on how to drive more economically and environmentally friendly. Influence behaviour by challenging and rewarding consumers with eco goals.

insights & goals

EV/hybrid insight

Connectivity in EV/hybrid vehicles can be used to provide proactive advice and useful tools for drivers. For example, the availability of EV charging stations and guidance as to when to switch fuel types in low emission zones.

The penetration of EV and hybrid vehicles is as yet to reach maturity, with many consumers wondering whether they would be suitable candidates for an electric vehicle given their commutes and lifestyles.

Through our journey tracking capability, wejo can help you to understand your clients’ typical travel requirements, the average routes taken and miles driven. Leveraging this insight will help you to understand whether your consumer drives inside the typical ranges of an EV/hybrid or whether they could easily access an EV charging station.