driver assistance

Driver assistance, right on time

An in-car care and concierge service that supports drivers when they need it most.

Helping drivers be safer

Dangerous habits and risky manoeuvres can become part of any driver’s repertoire. Whether newly qualified or a seasoned driver, wejo transforms your customer’s movement and connectivity data into easy-to-understand driver scoring. Our insights help your drivers to discover just how safe a driver they really are.

Supported by helpful tips and advice, we can guide your drivers towards becoming safety aware and risk adverse.

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Breakdown & recovery service

Drivers are able to request at-the-scene support to get back on the road without a hitch, whilst real-time service tracking provides reassurance. Connectivity and movement insights enable recovery and breakdown services to prepare for and respond rapidly to the request for assistance.


When drivers have been involved in an incident on the road, you can rely on wejo to deliver the best service to connect them with the service they need most.

Users are connected directly with an emergency services provider to aid swift at-the-scene assistance.

First Notification of Loss

Connect drivers with their insurers to report a non-emergency incident on the scene. Drivers using this feature are able to swiftly progress through the claims process, improving accuracy in incident reporting. This feature can also support the claims reporting process with prompts to capture images of the scene and record pertinent information.