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Wejo gives you a granular and accurate view into what is happening in and around your work zone using journey data from millions of connected vehicles. Gain quick and easy access into the impact of construction on traffic, identify opportunities to improve work zone safety, and better manage project perception and delivery.

Pam Fisher, Director of Economic Development, INDOT

“The access to vehicle data is a game changer for us, allowing us to increase safety, before crashes even happen, rather than analyzing situations after incidents occur.”

Unlocking the value in connected car data for Civil Engineers and Construction Managers

Ensure safer work zones
Gain insights into work zone incidents and traffic trends that can help you avoid life threatening situations including where to place queue trucks to avoid vehicle collisions.

Monitor community impact
Understand traffic trends to avoid unintended effects of projects like rerouted detours that lead to congestion and air pollution of residential neighborhoods.

Prioritize project investments
Determine traffic impact across proposed projects to help agencies and DOTs make data-driven decisions around investment and construction timelines.

Win more bids
Use unique connected vehicle data insights to quickly complete, and set apart, your RFI and RFP responses.

Why Civil Engineers and Construction Managers choose Wejo

Cost-effective, flexible integration

Cut down on spending by investing in one data platform that curates  and standardizes trillions of data points, making complex big data easier to access and digest.

  • Single, secure integration  makes sharing and accessing huge volumes of connected car data simple.

  • Wejo expertly curates, cleanses and standardizes raw car data, so you can reap maximum value from day one.

  • Flexible transfer methods mean data can be streamed directly to your cloud or API.

Granular, accurate data  

Wejo delivers accurate, low-latency data from millions of connected vehicles to deliver unique insight to trends in and around your work zone.

  • Granular view of roads including lane level accuracy and directional heading data to understand which lane incidents are occurring even in two lane systems.

  • Situational data including hard braking and acceleration information allow you to understand behavior in and leading up to work zones.

  • Data collected from more than 10 million active vehicles offers insights into both historic trends and real-time traffic patterns.

Simple and secure

Simplify your data sources by getting one integrated view of unbiased connected vehicle data, that meets all necessary security requirements.

  • Reduce overhead costs of existing data collection methods by investing in real-time and historic connected car data.

  • Adheres to all regulatory guidelines and requirements, easing burden on user while ensuring data privacy.

  • Privacy policies, recognized by third-party security certifications, ensure what’s private, stays private.

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