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Deliver the ultimate customer care and loyalty through a first-class driver concierge service.

Supporting drivers, whatever their need

wejo Connected Voice connects drivers with a wide range of service providers, offering support and assistance around the clock. Help keep drivers safer, more secure and in greater control whenever and wherever they are. wejo Concierge drives customer satisfaction and loyalty through brilliant service, every time.


Accident assistance & FNOL

Accidents and incidents happen. But they don’t have to cause extra work and inconvenience for the driver. The wejo Connected Voice team is on-hand to make life as easy as possible following an incident. Our team can connect with drivers both via the car and outside of it; we’ll quickly ascertain details of the incident, organise appropriate services and get the driver on the road again as soon as possible.

wejo Connected Voice also takes care of the First Notification of Loss (FNOL), connecting drivers with their insurer to progress a claim and improve accuracy in incident reporting. Plus, connected car sensor data feed Accident Analytics to provide insurers, recovery services and repairers with the relevant information needed to act swiftly and effectively.

SOS & emergency calls

When a driver is involved in a serious incident, every second counts. Ensuring a rapid emergency response, armed with as much information as possible, is of critical importance. And for the driver involved in such a stressful situation, we know how much of a support and relief it can be to talk to someone.

Through in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle voice calls, combined with near real-time insights via wejo ADEPT, the Connected Voice team is able to quickly establish the severity and details of an incident and alert the relevant emergency services with accurate information. wejo can also support any existing eCall services already in place.


Breakdown & recovery

In the event of a breakdown, drivers are able to request at-the-scene support to get back on the road without a hitch. wejo Connected Voice takes care of organising recovery to a suitable service centre and can support the driver in their onward travel.

Response time is minimised through integration with wejo ADEPT and connectivity data. Using accurate location and movement data from the vehicle, plus detailed sensor and diagnostic data, wejo is able to pinpoint the vehicle and prepare the recovery service with all the information needed to respond rapidly.

Driver concierge

Even with advanced navigation, sometimes drivers need a helping hand to get them to where they’re going. The wejo Connected Voice team can support the driver with directions and finding points of interest, or even connect them with hotels and restaurants based on their needs.


Extraordinary people you can trust

The wejo Connected Voice team is trusted to look after driver assistance for leading global brands in the automotive, telematics and insurance markets. wejo Connected Voice can take care of your entire driver concierge service or provide an extension to your existing service.

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24/7 worldwide cover from our UK-based Concierge team

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Highly skilled and knowledgeable agents handpicked for your brand

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A bespoke and flexible service to meet your requirements

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wejo connected voice

Bridging the gap to full connectivity

wejo Connected Voice unlocks immediate value for car manufacturers and connected car service providers, building connections with drivers today that will help increase the adoption of advanced, connected services in the future. And, no matter how advanced the technology, sometimes there is no substitute for a human touch. Intelligent insights and comprehensive reporting ensure you have full visibility of service performance at all times.

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