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Generate new revenue streams or transform your data into targeted insights with wejo ADEPT.

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What’s the true value of the data your business is generating? Complex vehicle sensor data or simple GPS data, wejo ADEPT makes monetising your data simple. Your data asset could be the key to progressing business objectives, from improving consumer services through to supporting the costs of maintaining your connected fleet. Achieve more with wejo ADEPT’s safe, secure and anonymous platform.

We’ve collaborated with businesses from a range of sectors to help them gain value from understanding drivers and their vehicle use. The value of wejo ADEPT services is far reaching, from OEMs using our insights to develop intelligent servicing reminders to local government planning future-proof infrastructure.

The full potential of connected car data is still untapped. Car manufacturers, hardware suppliers and insurers are taking their first steps towards understanding how to maximise their potential share. wejo ADEPT is at the forefront of this development, facilitating an easy transition into monetising connected data on behalf of clients worldwide.

Transparent. Trusted. Simple.

wejo ADEPT takes care of all commercial aspects of the data exchange. Our platform is fully transparent, enabling you to stay in control of your data. We provide comprehensive reporting, billing and auditing options so that you can easily see your data’s journey and the value being unlocked.

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organisations, black box providers, insurers and mobile app developers already unlocking value in their connectivity data. Contact us today to discuss how wejo ADEPT can help your business.

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