A new marketplace for connectivity data

wejo ADEPT's powerful insights and data are designed to empower new propositions and business models.

real-time data streaming

Real-time data streaming

Get real-time access to geo-spatial, vehicle and driver profiling data to enhance your own products, services and consumer experiences. wejo ADEPT offers customisable and on-demand syndicated data streams to support your business. Unlock the agility needed for a rapid response to time-sensitive opportunities.

bespoke insights

Bespoke, actionable insights

The wejo ADEPT platform extracts deep, actionable insights and is compatible with all data consumers. From these foundations, our data scientists create intelligent and bespoke insight packages that drive business efficiency and enable smarter decision making. Get tangible value from day one, working right at the cutting edge of analytics.

secure data processing

Award-winning secure data processing

wejo’s Trust Framework is a key component of the wejo ADEPT
platform, inclusive of data security, integrity, privacy and anonymity. Drivers and brands alike can be reassured that their data is in safe hands. As a trusted and neutral independent, wejo facilitates the most effective exchange of data whilst taking care of all regulatory compliance.

scales to your business

Scales to your business

wejo ADEPT provides access to data and insight via a range of protocols. And, depending on your business requirements, wejo ADEPT can be customised to offer ad-hoc or subscription-based access to data.