Collect real-time driving data from connected cars

Our highly flexible, device-agnostic approach means we can integrate with connected fleets around the world, in an instant.

Truly source agnostic

Not all data platforms are created equal. wejo ADEPT has been built from the ground up to be truly source agnostic, ensuring that both data contributors and data consumers drive maximum value from connectivity data. By handling data from any source, wejo ADEPT goes beyond traditional data whilst also bridging the gap until mainstream penetration of connected cars.

So whether your data is collected via a mobile app, an OBDII or black box device or directly from a connected car, wejo ADEPT offers simple and seamless integration with your business to ingest your data.

That’s when the magic really starts. wejo ADEPT curates your data, transforming and normalising it into the most usable connectivity data available, overcoming the challenge of having no single data structure or standard.

By using wejo ADEPT your business only needs to speak one language to leverage connectivity data. And as connected car platforms continue to evolve, you can be confident you’re always getting the best and most up-to-date view of connectivity data.

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Consumer-centric privacy & security

At wejo we know that connected car and consumer data are one of your biggest assets. The ability to hold this data safely, securely and privately is pivotal to maintaining a relationship of trust with your consumers.

All data is protected using state-of-the-art security and encryption, both at rest and in transit. We use a full range of anonymization, pseudonymisation and tokenisation to further ensure that all data that is private, remains private.

wejo ADEPT directly addresses the challenges of regulation and driver consent so that your business can focus on using the data and insights to empower new propositions and business models. Our neutral server allows you to place your consumers in control of how and when their data is used and gives you absolute confidence that your data is protected at all times. wejo ADEPT is trusted with the data of several multi-million dollar global brands and will leverage its experience to keep your consumers and your company safe at all times.

Data. With added meaning

Today's vehicles are supported by hundreds if not thousands of different sensors, which help to deliver the rich driving experience we enjoy today. Each one of these sensors tells a different story about how a vehicle is being used and its current state. wejo has extensive experience of working with OEMs across the globe to help them derive meaning from these sensors.

wejo recognises that the value of connectivity data is increased further with added context and meaning. That’s why wejo ADEPT provides data and insight that is enriched with additional sources.

Knowing speed limits, road surface quality and weather during journeys made. Understanding typical or near real-time parking availability based on frequently visited locations. Deeper profiling of consumer demographics to better price risk. These are all examples of how wejo ADEPT enriches connectivity data to create more value.

Of course, it’s not just independent third-party data that can be used for enrichment. wejo ADEPT can combine existing data assets from your business or extended network (such as dealerships or leasing/finance organisations) with your connectivity data to provide the best possible 360° view.

We can help your company to identify the necessary and relevant data sources needed to solve the challenges at hand. Whether it’s understanding the risk profile of your connected fleet for consumer insurance rating or predicting the residual value of assets for your vehicle finance and leasing arm. wejo’s data scientists can support you in unlocking the value in your data.

Your answers. Your way.

Whatever questions you’re asking of connectivity data, wejo ADEPT can provide the answers.

Access live-streamed data that has been authenticated, cleansed and filtered for consent to fuel your own analysis or discover aggregated insights and indexes. When you need to respond to events quickly or access deeper actionable insights that have been analysed and enriched, our in-house data science team can help.

Consume data your way. Our highly-performant and structured APIs provide comprehensive and secure access to wejo ADEPT. wejo ADEPT’s flexible platform is able to transmit batch or live-streamed data, on any scale and at any frequency. Data however you want, whenever you want.

Let our experienced data science team work with you to provide on-going, pre-agreed indexes and reports or to help in scoping, developing and delivering insight. Subscribe to wejo ADEPT to enjoy always-on access or work with us on demand.

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Dynamic consumer interaction

Establishing a true value exchange with your consumers is key to generating insights. Many of our partners work with wejo to deliver an end-to-end solution, leveraging our wejo consumer propositions to unlock connectivity data using wejo ADEPT.

Colour a driver’s journey with dynamic interactions by exploring our cutting-edge uses of insight and data. Direct drivers to the nearest available EV charging point, update owners on the status of their vehicles or deliver timely feedback on driving styles. These are just some examples of how you can innovate and improve the consumer experience using wejo ADEPT insights.

wejo’s end-to-end capability, from wejo consumer propositions to wejo ADEPT, gives businesses the ideal platform to deliver enhanced experiences to drivers, vehicle owners and consumers alike.

A global platform for brands of all sizes

The world is becoming increasingly connected and wejo ADEPT is designed to help businesses of all sizes on a local and global scale. The scalable and flexible architecture delivers industry-leading performance for both data ingress and consumption, whilst being compliant to all local regulations.