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Discover a better world with connected vehicle data

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Why Wejo is the leader in connected vehicle data

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We create mobility intelligence from connected car data to revolutionise the way we live, work and travel. We bring together global businesses to share, access and benefit from connected car data through our tailored products and services.

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For Automotive

The automotive industry is undergoing a radical change, and traditional business models are evolving fast. Automotive manufacturers must take full advantage of connectivity and car generated data to prosper in this new smart mobility revolution. That’s where Wejo solutions come in. Create new revenue streams, reduce costs or enhance safety and convenience for drivers.

For business

Access the world’s connected car data, all from one platform. We make it easy to add connected car data into your data mix. We provide data at your preferred volume, frequency and speed, focused on location or driver behaviour throughout the US.

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For the public sector

Digitise your data collection strategy, with Wejo’s authentic connected car data. Reduce overhead costs of existing data collection methods by investing in real-time or historic connected car data. We collaborate with approved partners to make accessing and benefiting from connected car data and insights straight-forward.

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The technology powering the connected car data ecosystem

ADEPT is our award-winning data exchange platform technology. It is at the centre of Wejo, organising big data from the world’s global automotive manufacturers. ADEPT standardises and enhances data in near real-time, ready to share to ethical, like-minded businesses who utilise our data and insights to make our roads safer, cities more sustainable and journeys smarter.

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